CBT – Caritas-Betriebsführungs- und Trägergesellschaft mbH

November 2017 – 2021

Project management (project controlling + project leadership)

Fire protection upgrade and modernization

Cost increases and schedule postponements prompted CBT to seek new project management for the fire protection and WTG (law on housing and participation) upgrade of the residential building 17 in Leverkusen.

Our name was mentioned and we were allowed to introduce ourselves next to other project management offices in order to report on our working methods and project philosophy. We were surprised by the speed, because after only two presentations, including clarification and negotiations, we received the order for project controlling and project leadership.

We had convinced CBT, but now we had to bring calm and trust into the project and, above all, among the project participants. Our project philosophy of dealing with each individual on an equal footing as partners was recognized and gratefully accepted by all. Thus, we were soon able to concentrate on the project and prove ourselves as a strong and capable team. Together we discussed the design, made cost savings and even caught up on planning and execution times

Currently we are in the 4th of 4 construction phases, each with approx. 4,000 m² GFA. Both the total budget and the deadlines are even within the aims of the project prior to our commissioning.

“With (Vollmer and) Angeler, we noticed right away: they don’t mess around with the project. The office had all relevant aspects in mind and took a lot of work and worry off our shoulders as the building owner. They thought of everything and even showed us potential savings.”

– Mario Rohner, authorized representative and commercial manager of CBT

We were rewarded for our efforts with follow-up orders and were thus able to prove ourselves as project managers in further CBT projects, e.g. fire protection refurbishment in WH 02 in Bergisch Gladbach, and refurbishment in WH 01 in Cologne.