Christofer Angeler, Dipl.-Ing. Architect M.Sc. REM+CPM

My vision is a holistically oriented planning and project management office – with the architect as a generalist. It is only as a generalist that we can see the big picture, bundle services and benefit from synergy effects. This is how we lead projects with high requirements to success in a visionary and efficient way – with the constant goal of satisfied clients as well as employees.

Like any building, this vision needs a solid foundation. On the one hand, ours was created almost three decades ago by my former office partner Rolf Vollmer. On the other hand, I myself can look back on years of experience and success. My background enables me to be active in all phases of the life cycle.

In addition to my architectural studies at the Technical University in Vienna and the Master’s degree in Real Estate Management + Construction Project Management (M.Sc. REM+CPM) at the University of Wuppertal, I have worked on numerous projects as an employed architect. I have been employed in various offices in Vienna, Lower Austria as well as in Cologne and Dusseldorf as a planner, construction manager and internationally. My personal reference projects include the Austrian Postsparkasse as well as the international large-scale project Maidar City.

As a partner at Vollmer ǀ Angeler Architects, Project Management, as of 2012, further diverse tasks awaited me, with which the scope of services grew. As the owner, I now build on this experience and as a team we continue to develop this foundation.

Who we are

We are very fortunate that we do not exist as lone fighters, but have developed into a flexible and highly motivated team. “We” is part of our working philosophy. Our common goal is to be prepared for all challenges, both as a team and personally. With our knowledge, experience and personal commitment we want to lead all projects to success. To achieve this, we either fall back on established tools but are also happy to break new ground with new methods.

Our team consists of architects, interior designers, construction engineers, business economists and people interested in real estate from a wide variety of backgrounds, all of whom are critical thinkers with a mind of their own. In addition, each of our employees is given the opportunity to work in many different disciplines. Young employees are immediately integrated into the team and still get the opportunity for individual development. This is how we ensure that we can approach projects with an overall view from start to finish – all from a singular source.

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We think ahead and today already about tomorrow. In living, unique projects, only a far-sighted approach and a holistic view creates sustainable, long-term success that leads to satisfied clients and employees. That is why we position ourselves as generalists who work in an interdisciplinary, transparent and results-oriented manner.

This requires constant development and growth so that we can work early and agilely with changes in the future. Thinking outside the box brings challenges that we are happy to face with responsibility, flexibility and new visions. That is why we practice architecture and project management since yesterday, today and in the future. The focus of our work is always the partnership and trusting relationship with each individual involved in the project. On an equal footing, all projects are personally managed, while young architects are given the chance to participate in the team.

Our journey

Mr. Rolf Vollmer founded the office for planning and project management, BPP Vollmer, back in 1989. He was then one of the few colleagues who carried out both planning and project management. This combination enabled major contracts such as the overall urban development in today’s Mediapark in Cologne.

In April 2012, the partnership Vollmer|Angeler Architekten, Projektmanagement was founded already with a view to the later succession of the company. Together, we flexibly met the requirements and increasingly provided combined services from planning, construction and project management.

At the end of 2018, the era of Mr. Rolf Vollmer came to an end. He moved out of the active project business into a well-deserved retirement. With his experience and friendly advice, he is still at our side. Since January 2019, the Angeler Architektur & Projektmanagement GmbH now exists. Furthermore, in addition to our office in Cologne, we are establishing another office in Vienna since the end of 2019.

From planning to project management

In our opinion, project size or complexity is not the decisive factor. We manage small projects just as well as large ones. This is because, for us, every project consists of processes that need to be planned and controlled. We offer many services ranging from planning to international project management, or we can also take over all planning and project management tasks as General Planner Plus.

  • Planning
  • General Planning Plus
  • Project management
  • Competition management
  • Process support
  • Safety and health protection coordinator (SiGeKo)

In addition, the scope of services grows with each project. To the existing core activities in project management, construction management and planning, we will take on new tasks and develop them into independent departments.

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At the moment, our team is complete and there are no job vacancies.

What distinguishes our team and our workplace?

As a diversified, motivated team, we love architecture and challenging tasks, with solutions in which we also like to break new ground – and have been doing so for over 30 years. As generalists, we take on all services in the construction and real estate industry, from general planning to project management, for projects of any size, in existing or new buildings.

When it comes to our work, we believe that those who work with us should feel comfortable. This applies to both clients and colleagues. We therefore offer a versatile workplace in the heart of Cologne’s city center with creative freedom, development and career opportunities, as well as a feel-good atmosphere in which we place great emphasis on interdisciplinary teamwork.

Work-life balance is not just a buzzword for us, it’s a living reality. This includes appropriate, performance-based compensation as well as the opportunity to work in home office. We also provide all the necessary tools, such as a laptop and cell phone, and offer other benefits, such as a job ticket or company pension plan.

By the way, we strengthen the team spirit not only in our project work, but also gladly at various opportunities to get together, such as after-work beer, carnival party, office trips or Christmas parties.