Deka Immobilien

March 2017 to December 2020

General planning,
property planning,
safety and health protection coordinator (SiGeKo)

Various tenant improvements

The Kranhäuser (crane buildings) on the Rhine have become as much a part of Cologne’s cityscape as the Cologne Cathedral.

For the purpose of rapid leasing success, the building owner established a flexible and efficient team consisting of marketer, general planner and general contractor. We were all tested in the model floor with approx. 300 m². The success proved the concept right and we were awarded a framework contract as general planner.

From March 2017 onwards, we were able to build out approx. 12,000 m² on different floors almost without interruption and thus make a small contribution to the upcoming full occupancy.

The exciting thing about rental space expansions is that tenants either have their own planning team consisting of interior designers and, in some cases, their own project managers acting professionally, or they are completely on their own and want to make use of our services. This increasing trust in us has led to the fact that we have developed a further core competence in interior design by employing our own interior designers.

We are currently operating in Hall 11 as well as in another office complex in the Rheinauhafen.