Successful project management

Our first and so far largest project with CBT was successfully finalized in February 2021. The 4th construction phase has been completed and the tenants were able to move in again.

When a project is not well managed, costs quickly escalate and deadlines are pushed well behind. In this situation, CBT (Caritas-Betriebsführungs- und Trägergesellschaft mbH) found itself with the fire protection upgrade including WTG (law on housing and participation) upgrade of WH 17 in Leverkusen, Upladin. It was time to make a clean break and to look for a new team for the project management. Thus, CBT came to Angeler APM (formerly Vollmer|Angeler Architekten, Projektmanagement).

In a total of four construction phases, the entire residential building underwent fire protection upgrades and modernization. We took over the project management, i.e. the project control and also the project management, for this project, which had a total gross floor area of approx. 16,000 m².

The first phase of construction started in 2018, after we had already dealt extensively with planning and cost optimization. After the first two construction phases, which included the area of “living with care”, “living with service” also followed in the further phases.

Happy clients and tenants

Thanks to savings and uncovered optimization potential, the project was completed under the agreed budget – despite exploding costs at the time the project management was taken over at the end of 2016.

It was also possible to stay below the schedule target. The 1st construction phase provided important insights, so that we were able to reduce the execution time in the following construction phases through proactive control measures. This made not only our office and our client CBT happy, but also the tenants: Because in all four construction phases, the residents in the respective section were relocated and housed in other areas. After completion, all tenants were now able to move back in.

“With (Vollmer and) Angeler, we noticed right away: they don’t mess around with the project. The office had all relevant aspects in mind and took a lot of work and worry off our shoulders as the building owner. They thought of everything and even showed us potential savings.”

Mario Rohner, authorized representative and commercial manager of CBT

Here’s to a good partnership

For us, WH 17 was the first and largest project with CBT to date. We were able to demonstrate our expertise in project management, our foresight and our partnership-based approach. Mutual trust has grown steadily. Thus, new projects have resulted from the good cooperation. Currently, Angeler APM is in charge of five more CBT residential buildings: