Studentische Kulturgemeinschaft e.V.

November 2016 to December 2019

1. prize invited competition,
General planning incl. project controlling,
Safety and health protection coordinator (SiGeKo)

Reconstruction and renovation apartments

In the summer of 2016, we received a request to participate in a multiple commissioning with renowned Cologne architectural firms as general planners for the revitalization of an international student center in Cologne.

Although we had specialized in construction and project management in recent years, we did not want to disappoint our recommender and accepted the challenge full of enthusiasm. We developed our design including cost and project structure planning in just 5 weeks, shortly before Christmas 2017. In January 2017, we received the very pleasing call with the request to submit even more references, as the panel had decided in favor of our contribution. As it turned out later, it was not only the architecture that was important to our clients, but also the experience in construction and project management as well as the interaction with all project partners from past projects. After we had held several personal meetings with former reference clients, we were finally awarded the contract for the general planning including project controlling.

This project is one of the most important projects in our company’s development. We can use it to confirm that architecture and project management belong together and do not necessarily have to be handled by different parties. Through the close cooperation with our client representatives as well as the different user groups, we not only influence the design, but also show direct effects on the agreed project goals in case of change requests. The otherwise common interactions between the individual planners and the project management are concentrated on us, thus avoiding loss of knowledge. At the same time, this centralization results in a high processing speed and fast turnaround times in the individual planning phases.

Due to internal client considerations, the project goals have changed significantly, so that we will develop a completely new planning. We found a common and trusting basis with our client in only a short time and so we recently received another order as general planner incl. project control for the refurbishment of a residential complex at the Cologne Stadtwaldgürtel.