Angeler APM prepares for Vienna

Our office is expanding to a second location in Austria, Vienna to be precise. After all, we associate quite a few things with this city. Not only that our managing director Christofer Angeler is from Austria and completed his architecture studies at the Technical University in Vienna. Important projects were also successfully realized there: from the Austrian Postal Savings Bank to the Millennium Tower. With a second location in Vienna, we can now offer our customers an even better service and continue to approach projects holistically in the future.

First to the Chamber of Civil Engineers

But before our office in Vienna is allowed to work, Christofer Angeler has to be sworn in as a civil engineer. Those who are sworn in as civil engineers take an oath to comply with all applicable laws and regulations as well as rules of professional conduct and to practice the profession with conscience. Christofer Angeler can thus work independently in Austria, planning, advising and inspecting, in order to guarantee the highest level of planning and inspection security and to ensure quality.

In Austria, the civil engineer is the legal designation for members of the Chamber of Civil Engineers. Only civil engineers are authorized to work independently in engineering or scientific fields. Among the civil engineers there are architects and engineering consultants – and thus different focuses.

Successfully sworn in

In July 2022 the time had come: Christofer Angeler took the oath and was successfully sworn in as a civil engineer in Vienna. Now he is also allowed to wear the seal with the federal coat of arms of the Republic of Austria – as an external sign of authority. The course for our office in Vienna has thus been set.

Christofer Angeler:

“The state-sworn civil engineer is really something special and only exists in Austria. Through this profession we ensure the highest independence and thus extraordinary testing and planning security.

Due to my chamber affiliation here in NRW, it is also possible to gain a foothold in Austria again with our architecture & project management office established in Cologne, as we did before Corona. However, we have decided to establish ourselves in Austria as holistically as we have established ourselves here in NRW, in order to be able to manage projects directly on site and with our own company.

The first step in this direction has now been accomplished with our swearing-in and membership in the Austrian Chamber of Civil Engineers. Now we can start the next steps – founding a company, looking for an office and, of course, putting together a motivated team. A challenge we are all looking forward to.”