Our two colleagues Sonia Kubel and Annika Hermes have successfully completed the course “DVP-ZERT® project controller in the construction and real estate industry”.

We can proudly announce that we have two newly graduated DVP-ZERT® project controllers (DVP = German Association for Project Management) in our team. As graduates of the course, our colleagues Sonia Kubel and Annika Hermes can now contribute to and manage projects even more competently. They have comprehensively dealt with the contents of the AHO booklet No. 9, the HOAI, the DIN 276 and the VOB, as well as all important focal points in the various roles in construction and project management. In addition, they had to work thoroughly on communication and negotiation strategies and ultimately demonstrate the training content they had acquired in an examination.

For our team, this means much more than just two new certificates. Because at Angeler APM we are actively investing in the future. On the one hand, we want to offer development and career prospects. Each team member has an influence on the direction this can take: Where do their interests lie? What are individual wishes?

And secondly, we want to position our team broadly and successfully for the future. Through continuing education we want to meet our own quality standards and sense of responsibility and thus achieve successful projects and satisfied customers. With not one but two DVP-ZERT® project controllers, we ensure this especially in construction and project management.

Sonia and Annika say:

“We are very happy about the support and encouragement by our office. The course was really exciting and helpful. In small groups, the content taught could be directly applied and discussed using real case studies and even further deepened in the additional project work in the office.”