Thanks for a great evening!

On Friday, September 02, 2022, the time had finally come: we celebrated with our friends, customers and partners. We gathered in our freshly renovated space in the center of Cologne and raised our glasses together to the past and also to the future.

An era comes to an end

The whole celebration was dedicated to the motto: ” Each ending is also a new beginning.” Together with Rolf Vollmer, we reflected once again on the successful years of the Vollmer|Angeler partnership, which came to an end in 2018, and also on his earlier achievements. After all, Rolf Vollmer laid the foundation for our current office back in 1989 with the office for planning and project management (Büro für Planung und Projektsteuerung), BPP Vollmer.

Start thinking about tomorrow today

Yet it was not only about farewells, but also about new beginnings. After all, with our associated partners Annika Hermes and Sonia Butz, we are proudly looking to the future: in Cologne and soon also at the new location in Vienna. We trust in two strong teams that are ready for new requirements and digitalization.

A successful evening

So we raised our glasses to successes, funny anecdotes and the vision for the future and topped off the evening with a delicious dinner. Here, Kappes Catering took care of our well-being. The team lived up to its claim of “first-class experience gastronomy” with finger food and live cooking. 😉


We now have a wonderful evening to remember. Thank you for being there and also thank you for sharing these experiences with us already for such a long time. May there be many more!