In Real Estate Management + Construction Project Management

“Finally done with the Master’s thesis!”- that’s what our colleague Sonia Butz thought after submitting her written thesis in the master program Real Estate Management + Construction Project Management at the University of Wuppertal – all while continuing her work in our office. An exciting, work-intensive but of course also stressful time is now behind her. The topic: “Project management in general planning plus: conflict analysis and derivation of a conflict-reduced performance profile” – with many lessons learned for our project business.

But let’s start from the beginning in April 2020, when Sonia started the very family-like course of studies in Wuppertal with about 25 other students. The beauty of Wuppertal is that all branches of the construction industry come together and enrich learning through different focuses and backgrounds. In addition to architects, students also come from the fields of project development, economics, law, and banking.

Digital exchange

Of course, the pandemic has also left its mark. Because for the first time, the degree program started online. In total, up to 90% of all lectures, courses and discussions were held digitally. That’s why all students were initially only able to get to know each other via video call and organize exchanges digitally. It’s good that there are so many tools and options available today.

Because exchange is important in Wuppertal. On the one hand, in addition to the exams, there is a case study every semester where students work together in small teams. And on the other hand, all students benefit together from the different focuses of each individual. This collaboration always results in a give and take: Experiences and points of view can be exchanged in a way that is profitable for everyone involved.

The best for last: experiences abroad

Corona has also shaken up the study schedule a bit. Usually, the master’s thesis marks the completion of a degree program. For our colleague Sonia, however, that’s not quite the end of the story. Because there is still another thing to come, which is not short of a challenge – in the best sense of the word: For two intensive weeks (2 complete modules will be worked on) she is going abroad. First, four days in Groningen are on the agenda and then it’s off to Abu Dhabi and Dubai (10 days). Provided that everything can take place as planned due to Corona, the students might even go to the Expo. We keep our fingers crossed!

Support and grow together

By the way, Sonia has followed in Christofer Anger’s footsteps with the part-time continuing education course in Real Estate Management + Construction Project Management at the University of Wuppertal. Our managing director completed the same course back in 2012 – and can heartily recommend it.

Also for this reason, but above all because ongoing training is close to our office’s core, Sonia was not on her own. She was actively supported by the Angeler office: in terms of time as well as financially. Everyone in our team is encouraged to take advantage of such support – even for other courses of study or further training measures. Together we form goals and wishes and put them into practice. In this way, our entire team can grow and is well prepared for new challenges.