Specialized in the valuation of properties and land

Prices on the real estate market develop in many directions. This makes it all the more important to be able to professionally value buildings and land and to understand appraisals in every detail. In order to be able to provide even better advice in this area, our colleague Valerie Schlegel-Seel has successfully completed the IHK course on real estate appraisal.

In the practice-oriented course, she has further deepened her knowledge. This includes identifying the values of land, income and material value in existing properties as well as in new projects, and applying various valuation methods and the German Real Estate Valuation Ordinance (ImmoWertV). With the new acquired knowledge, she can inform customers even more professionally about a building plot or building as well as evaluate appraisals.

“The course was really exciting and very practical. Not only was everything we learned applied and tested online, but we also took an exam in person. Now I can fulfill the wishes of our customers for valuation and also appraisal even better.” – Valerie Schlegel-Seel

Holistic in all areas

Our office thus goes one step further to position itself holistically and to be able to provide comprehensive advice. We are not only able to provide information about properties, but also recognize opportunities as well as weak points early in the process.