The first public participation phase has started

In Düsseldorf Ludenberg, a new, integrative residential quarter is to be built on the former site of the German Red Cross retirement home on Blanckertzstraße. From now on, all interested citizens will have the opportunity to take part in the process. Thus, a high quality of living is to be achieved with a simultaneous integration into the existing environment.

Such an exciting project can only succeed if everyone is pulling in the same direction, i.e. creating new planning law, and interests of investors but also of citizens are taken into account in a balanced way. BPD Immobilienentwicklung GmbH, in cooperation with the state capital Düsseldorf and Städtische Wohnungsbau-GmbH Düsseldorf (SWD), has therefore launched an urban planning competition in a two-phase process with public participation. Our office takes over the supervision of the entire procedure, from the preparation of the invitation to tender to the organization of the exhibition of the results after completion.

Digital participation

At, interested citizens can now submit their proposals for the “Park-Ludenberg” in these categories until April 12, 2021:

  • Residential concepts
  • Green and outdoor space
  • Mobility of the future
  • Social infrastructure
  • Love of the local area

All ideas are forwarded to the competition participants, initially 15 planning offices. The latter can then supplement their concepts with the opinions and wishes submitted.

What happens next?

After the initial public participation, the first jury session will follow from August 2021, in which the concepts of the 15 planning offices will be evaluated by the jury, consisting of representatives of politics, the property owners, the administration and external specialist planners. A maximum of five offices will be selected for the next round.

This round provides for a second public participation. Citizens will again have the opportunity to comment on the remaining designs. With a third public participation, the final designs will be presented in December 2021.

Special measures in the corona pandemic

Due to the pandemic, public participation will primarily be carried out online and digitally. The participation platform set up for this purpose,, will be available until December 2021 and serves not only for participation but also for information.

However, in order to give everyone the opportunity to participate, interested parties can also get involved in an analog way instead of using the digital platform – either by using the feedback box in the entrance hall of the residential building at Blanckertzstraße 26, or simply by mailing to our address:

Angeler APM
Cäcilienstraße 48
50667 Cologne

Further information: