What's happening in the construction and real estate industry?

Our office was again present at the 2022 DVP meeting in Berlin. The DVP, German Association for Project Management in the Construction and Real Estate Industry, organizes this network meeting as well as the conference once a year to exchange information about all current topics in the construction and real estate industry. As members in the DVP we appreciate the professional exchange as well as the casual get-together with everyone very much.

A lot of professional exchange, but also space for personal interaction

The conference started the evening before with a relaxed get-together at the Wasserwerk in Berlin, so that all participants could get in the perfect mood for the next day.

The conference day on November 11 in the DBB Forum was then once again packed with top-class presentations and discussions. This year, too, there were exciting topics around holistic real estate and infrastructure management with project development and project management. From sustainable and climate-neutral construction project management to the shortage of skilled workers and GEN Z, many important topics for our industry were covered.

Our conclusion: The trip to Berlin is always worthwhile, both for the conference and for the DVP meeting. We were able to take away many good impulses for our work.

More info about the conference: dvpev.de/events/dvp-tagung/