Thanks to a great year 2021

What is the best way to end an eventful and successful year? With a Christmas party, certainly, in which we all together can look back on what we have achieved and experienced – for which we can be thankful.

Said and done. Just before our company vacations at the end of the year, we had our Christmas party with all of us together. The best thing about it: After such a long time in home offices, we were able to see all our colleagues plus partners again – in the now almost finished, new office with furniture partly fresh from the workshop. Our friend and former office partner Rolf Vollmer was also there and brought along a few stories about the Cologne Architecture Prize. All together we explored the new office and started the evening with delicious finger food and nice conversations.

The modern meets the traditional

Afterwards, things got even more festive. We moved our celebration to the Hotel Stadtpalais in Cologne, which, by the way, was once known as the Kaiser-Wilhelm Bad and until 1996 as the Deutz-Kalker Bad. Here, some tasty treats were waiting in the KWB restaurant. And fortunately, no one had to commute home for long in the end: We didn’t miss the overnight stay in this extraordinary architecture.

And by the way, we think that the hotel and its architecture are a perfect match for our office. Modern architecture and tradition meet. That’s the way it has to be!

Team Angeler

If 2022 continues the way we left the old year, together and motivated, then it is sure to be a good year. With the new office anyway 😉 In any case, we are looking forward to new exciting projects and challenges that we will face as a team.