Demand planning for the benefit of all stakeholders

Our tenant demand planning service offers a comprehensive approach that enables sensible investment decisions. As architects and project managers, we take the time to methodically determine the specific needs of tenants as well as the goals of building owners.

In doing so, we determine, for example, the requirements profile, space and function programs, space requirements, quality parameters, etc. in a moderated process with the participation of several knowledge carriers. The results lead to a concrete requirements plan that is comprehensible to all those involved in planning. Among other things, the project objectives, e.g. the project budget, are formulated in this plan, which then forms the basis for subsequent planning.

Through this process, we ensure that the final solutions meet the needs of all parties involved and that the full potential of your property is realized. Our comprehensive understanding of architecture and space planning allows us to develop customized, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing solutions. From the initial idea to the final implementation, we will guide you, striving for a harmonious balance between tenant satisfaction and economic viability.

In addition to carrying out these projects, we also give keynote talks at the Chamber of Architects of North Rhine-Westphalia, lectures at the University of Wuppertal as part of the part-time master’s degree program REM+CPM, or in-house seminars on the subject of demand planning in the construction industry.